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WindyShores Whippets - Puppies for sale

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Spring is here, so is our 2016 ckc whippet puppies. Vet checked, dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped. Ready to go to their selected forever loving homes.

Our litter comes from generations of exceptional, well balanced champion bloodlines. Where they have succeeded in many conformation shows, and other sources of functions.

These dogs are of medium size, around the height 18.5 to 22.5 inches (47 to 57 cm) for a males. 17.5 to 21.5 inches (44 to 55 cm) for females . Weighing in around at 15 to 42 lbs (6.8 to 19.1 kg) by American/Canadian standards.

Whippets, are such a gentle, intelligent, even tempered breed, that presents itself with elegance and grace, at the same time are very energetic to keep their strength and endurance to do the job they were bred to do. Such as rat and rabbit hunting, lure coursing, straight and oval racing, along with fly ball, agility and conformation shows, and another favorite of theirs is being a happy couch potato in your home, whether it is in the town or country, where they make great family pets.

The whippet is a breed of dog from the "sighthound family" What sighthounds have in common is their appearance of long legs and heads, thin well balanced muscular frames and a deep chest, with a keen sense of sight to spot and not loose the sight of fast moving prey. Combined together they have amazing speed and agility, that makes them remarkable hunters.

Whippets make a lovely addition to your family. They have few health issues, and are easy to maintain , but they do need a fenced in area for if they see a rabbit or squirrel they may decide to run after them. They make ideal companions and are highly adaptable to their surroundings, but are not dogs to be left outside and tied. They need to have a safe place to run, and a warm home to sleep in with a loving family.

Whippet Breeders in quebec Whippet puppies for sale
Whippet Breeders in quebec Whippet dog Breeders in ontario
Whippet puppies for sale Whippet dog Breeders in ontario
Whippet Breeders in quebec Whippet dog Breeders in ontario

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